Exam/Appls.Forms/Re-evaluation Rules

List of professional courses

11-10-2012 List of Professional courses as on 11-10-2012

Examination Forms

21-05-2014 New PG Examination form (Private /Ex-Student) Annual/Supplementary Examinations
18-09-2013 New UG Examination form (Private /Ex-Student) Annual/Supplementary Examinations
16-08-2012 Examination Application Form Format w.e.f. Dec. 2012
08-09-2011  Application Form -  Migration From One Engineering College to Another
26-08-2011 Form No . Ex. 176, 177 & 178 - To All Principals/Chairpersons for purpose of Annual/Semester Exams
27-7-2011 Examination Application Form Format w.e.f. Dec.2011
27-7-2011 Performa for the internal assessment w.e.f. Dec 2011
  Exam form for D.Ed.
  Examination Application form for regular students w.e.f. Dec. 2011

Bank Forms

   Bank Form-1 KUK (PNB Bank)
   Bank Form-2 KUK (PNB Bank)
   Bank Form-1 KUK Distance Education (PNB Bank)
   Bank Form-2 KUK Distance Education (PNB Bank)

Application Forms

05-03-2014 Inter University Migration Certificate (Updated)
  Application Form for Re-evaluation of Answer Books  (Applicable for Examinations held w.e.f. November/December, 2012)
  Form for applying for admission to degree in absentia
  Form of application for permission to change an examination centre
  Application form for migration from recognised college to another
  Application form for confidential result
  Application form for grant of an additional chance/mercy chance
  Application form for inter university migration certificate
........................ Application form for Re checking of Answer Books (w.e.f. April, 2012)

Application form for appointment of writer for blind/disabled candidates

  Application form for a university duplicate DMC/degree/provisional certificate

Re-evaluation Rules  

  Rules for Re - evaluation of Answer Books (Applicable w.e.f. April, 2012 Examinations)