Entrance Test Result/Couns.Schedule/Admission List

           D e s c r i p t i o n   o f          R e s u l t        D e c l a r e d

20-02-2014 Ph.D (Economics) Result
07-02-2014  Result of Ph.D Mathematics 2014
06-02-2014 Result of Ph.D. Entrance Test Pharmacy  2013-14
06-02-2014 Ph.D. Computer Science Paper-II (Allied) result
03-02-2014 Result of Ph.D Entrance test held on 17.11.2013
30-01-2014 Merit list of Ph.D admission 2013-14 on the basis of Entrance Test Department of Home Science
28-01-2014 Second list Ph.D course work in Electronic Science
28-01-2014 Admission List of Ph.D ZOOLOGY
27-01-2014 Result of Entrance Test for Admission to Ph.D. Geophysics (Paper –II)  held on Nov. 24, 2013
23-01-2014 Ph. D. Entrance Test (Paper – II) Environmental Science for the session 2013-14
15-01-2014 Entrance test Result Ph.D.(Law)  (Paper-I&II)
14-01-2014 List of Selected Candidates for Specialized training programme on Low Temperature Thermochronology (Fission Track Dating)
13-01-2014 Entrance Test Result of MBA Part-I /MBA(HM) Part-I & MCA-I (Distance Education) held on 12.1.2014
13-01-2014 Entrance Test result of Ph.D. Education Paper-II  2013-2014.
10-01-2014 Final result of Ph. D Entrance Paper - I & II of Department of Home Science, 
09-01-2014 Entrance Test Result - Ph.D. (J&MC) 
09-01-2014 Entrance Test Result  Ph.D.(Management)t Main and Allied 
03-01-2014 Final result of Entrance Test held on 17.11.2013 for admission to Ph.D. (Sanskrit) Course
03-01-2014 Entrance Test Result of  Ph.D statistics course held on 17-11-2013  
02-01-2014 Entrance Test for  Ph.D. Mathematics Paper II held on 17 November 2013 
02-01-2014 Entrance Test Result - Ph.D. Sociology Paper II
02-01-2014 Entrance Test Result - Ph.D. Philosophy Paper II
02-01-2014 Entrance Test Result - Ph.D. Political Science
01-01-2014 Entrance Test Result Ph.D. (AIH)      2013-14  
01-01-2014 Entrance Test Result Ph.D. English Paper III
01-01-2014 Final result of Ph.D. Entrance Test (Main Subject) Ph.D. Psychology held on 17.11.2013
01-01-2014 Result of Ph.D. Entrance Test of Paper-II held on 17.11.2013


Counselling Schedule




Admission List

24-03-2014 Second admission list of Pre-Ph.D. Course Work Sociology
21-03-2014 2nd Admission list of Ph.D Chemistry for the session 2013-14 
12-03-2014 2nd Admission LIst  Pre-Ph. D. (Education, 2nd list)  2013-14
01-03-2014 Admission List Ph.D. Pharmacy 
01-03-2014 Admission List Ph.D. Education Session 2013-14
13-02-2014 Merit list for Entrance Test - Ph.D Geography 
12-02-2014 Ph.D. 1st Admission list 2013-14
12-02-2014 Second Admission list of Ph.D. (Mathematics) for the session 2013-14.
12-02-2014 Ph.D. admission list
11-02-2014  4th admission list of Ph.d Commerce
07-02-2014 Merit list, Ph.D Commerce
07-02-2014  Ph.D. Computer Science Admission List
03-02-2014 Admission list of Ph.D Environmental Science