Date Sheet/Exam Notice/Seating Plan


18-07-2014 Schedule for B.Ed practical examinations for Private/Additional/Re-appear students
14-07-2014 Date sheet for Practical Examination of M. Sc. Computer Science 1st & 2nd Year (Distance Education / Re-appear candidates)
11-07-2014 Date sheet for practical examinations of B.Ed-1st & 2nd year Skill-in-Teaching New & Old pattern (for Distance Education/Private/Additional/Re-appear students only) to be held in July, 2014
11-07-2014 Date-Sheet of B.D.S. 3rd & Final Year July, 2014
10-07-2014 Date-Sheet of M.Sc 3rd Semester (Special) July, 2014
09-07-2014 Date-Sheet for Special practical examinations of BA/B.Sc/B.Com-1st, 2nd & 3rd year Annual/Semester Systems commencing w.e.f. July, 2014
01-07-2014 Date-Sheet for Viva-Voce of MCA-2nd & 4th semester for Regular/Re-appear candidates

Date sheet for Practical Examination of M.A (P) Economics Distance Education /Private /Re-appear and M.A(Economics)-2nd Semester re-appear student Roll No.(316451,316457)

25-06-2014 Date sheet for Practical Examination of M.Sc.Geography(Previous) & Final Distance Education /Private /Re-appear/ex-students
17-06-2014 Date-Sheet of Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Part-I & II July,2014
12-06-2014 Date-Sheet of B.Ed (Shiksha Shastri)
12-06-2014 Date-Sheet of B.Archicture 10th Semester
09-06-2014 Date sheet BA/ B.Sc./ B.Com./ BBA/ BCA/ B.FAD /B.Sc Home Science/ B.Sc.Sports/ B.Sc Fashion Designing,B.Sc.IT-IInd & IVth Semester system including re-appear students of above said courses be got conducted from 12.06.14 to 21.06.14 ( 4th Semester) and 19.06.14 to 28.06.14(2nd Semester).
06-06-2014 Revised Date Sheet of M.Ed (General) July, 2014
06-06-2014 Date-sheet of Practical Examination of PGDCA to be held in June, 2014
04-06-2014 Revised Date Sheet of B.Ed (New & Old), B.Ed Part-I, II  June/July, 2014
03-06-2014 Date Sheet of Practical Examinations of M. Tech. 2nd Semester to be held in June, 2014
30-05-2014 Date Sheet of M.Tech Information Technology 2nd Semester June, 2014
22-05-2014 Revised Date Sheet of B.Pharmacy I, II & III Year June, 2014
21-05-2014 Date Sheet of M.Tech Engineering 2nd Semester June, 2014
20-05-2014 Date-sheet B.A/B.Com 2nd & 3rd Year (Vocational subject)
20-05-2014 Date Sheet of M.Lib.Sc. (2004-05), MIB, MFC, MBE, M.Phill Sociology and PGDPM
20-05-2014 Date-Sheet of B.Tech VII SEmester (Special) June, 2014
15-05-2014 Date Sheet of P.G. Diploma in Skin & Hair Therapy
13-05-2014 Date -Sheets of B. Architcture 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th  Semester 
09-05-2014 Date Sheet of B. Tech 2nd 4th & 6th Semester May_June, 2014
09-05-2014 Date-Sheet of M. Tech Computer Sc. & Engg. 2nd Semester May_June2014
07-05-2014 Re-scheduled B.Ed Practical Examination at two colleges/venues
06-05-2014 Date-Sheet of B.Tech 8th Semester 
30-04-2014 Date Sheet Practical Examination - BA/B.Sc/B.Com-1st, 2nd & 3rd year annual systems for Private/DDE/Additional/Re-appear candidates only
28-04-2014 Date-sheets of Under/Post-graduate (Semester/Annual System) May, 2014 (92, 97-106)  - II
23-04-2014 Revised Date-sheet of L.L.M. Part-I & II May 2014
22-04-2014 Date-Sheet of Practical Examination of B. Ed. to be held in May, 2014
22-04-2014 Date-sheets of PG Annual System  May 2014 
21-04-2014 Date-sheets of B.A. (Hons.) II, IV & VI Semester and B.Tech. (Instt.) May 2014
18-04-2014 Revised Date Sheet of M.Sc (Hons) Engineering Physics ( 5 year) II. IV, VI, VIII & X Semester (69-A)
18-04-2014 Revised Date Sheet of Certificate/ Diploma/ Advance Diploma Course in Urdu, French, German, Fashion Designing, Communication Skils etc May, 2014 (13-A)
15-04-2014 Date Sheets of Under-graduate/Post-graduate in May, 2014 (73-77)
15-04-2014 Date-sheet of Practical Examination of B. Arch. Even Semester to be held in May, 2014
15-04-2014 Date-Sheet of Practical Examination of B. Tech. Even Semester to be held in May, 2014

Date-sheet of UG/PG/Pharmacy (Semester System) - Part-II

Date-sheet of UG/PG/Pharmacy (Semester System) - Part-III

Date-sheet of UG/PG/Pharmacy (Semester System) - Part-IV

31-03-2014 Revised Date-Sheet of Sahityacharya Part-I 
27-03-2013 Revised Date-sheet of BCA II Semester
26-03-2014 Date-sheet for BA/B.Sc/B.Com 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester
24-03-2014 Date-sheets ol BCA/BTM/BIM Part-I (Annual System) & Certificate/Diploma Courses
21-03-2014 Date Sheet conduct of practical examinations of B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA/BCA/B.FAD/B.Sc Home Science/B.Sc Sports/B.Sc Fashion Designing-6 semester system 
20-03-2014 Revised Date sheet for Practical Examination of M.Com Final (Computer Application &Viva-Voce) for the Students of Distance Education/Re-appear
12-03-2014 Date-sheets ol Shastri, OT/MIL, C.P.Ed., D.S.P. & B.P.Ed. 
12-03-2014 Date Sheet B.P.Ed.
05-03-2013 Date-sheet of  B.A./B.Sc. Part-I & II (Compartment) & B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part-I,II&III (Annual System)
18-02-2014 Date-sheet for Practical Examinations of D. Lib. Sc., B. Lib. Sc. and M. Lib. & Information Sc. for Re-appear /Ex students (D.E)
30-01-2014 Date sheet for Practical Examination of M.Sc Geography(P&F) Re-appear candidates
17-01-2014 Date-sheet for Practical Examinations of M.A Economics(Previous) and First Semester (Economics)Re-appear ,Regular & Distance Education students
17-01-2014 Date sheet for Practical Examination of M. Sc. Computer Science (Previous & Final) (Re-Appear candidates of Distance Education


02-07-2014 Schedule of entrance exam for B.Ed Special Education
27-06-2014 Notification regarding B.A. 2nd Semester (Old Syllabus)
24-06-2014 Notification regarding Computer Application BC-406 of B.Com 4th Semester
18-06-2014 Notification in Re-exam in Paper-I (i) Madhkali Punjabi Kavita of M.A. Punjabi (Previous) (2013-14 Syllabus) on 18.6.2014
11-06-2014 Notification of re-examination in Paper-I : (i) Madhkali Punjabi Kavita of M.A. Punjabi (Previous) (2013-14 Syllabus) on18.6.2014 
09-06-2014 Reschedule / Postpond Viva Voice Exam - B.A. LLB (Hons.) 8th Semester
28-05-2014 Regarding  Reschedule of examination (17-06-2014 instead of 15-06-2014) for All UG /Certificate / Diploma courses
21-05-2014 Notification regarding Computer Awareness Level-I, II, III of BA/B.Sc/B.Com 2nd, 4th, & 6th Semester
21-05-2014 Paper-XXVI: Sociology of Organization Human Resource of MA Sociology IV Semester
15-05-2014 Notification regarding Paper-201DE: Research Methodology of L.L.M. Part-II 
14-05-2014 Course-B Paper-III (iii): Investment & Portfolio Management (2006-07 Syllabus) of M. Phill Commerce
09-05-2014 Notification of LLB. VI Semester
09-05-2014 List Of Centres For B.TECh & Mtech
06-05-2014 Notification regarding Paper-XXVI of M.A. Sociology 4th Semester New Syllabus
05-05-2014 Notification regarding Paper-IX of M.A. History (Final) New Syllabus
02-05-2014 Notification regarding Diploma in German & Advance Diploma in German
02-05-2014 Notification regarding practical examination of B.Ed. to be held in May, 2014
15-04-2014 Notification Regarding Reschedule/ Revised Papers

Schedule of Practical examination of MBA -2nd & 4th Semester to be held in April/May,2014

03-04-2014 Notification-  Papers of  B.A. Part-III (Annual System) regarding Agro Service & ECC&E
13-03-2014 Notification of Special Examination  for the candidates who participated in Sports Activates, Youth Festival and attend the NCC/RDC Prade
10-03-2014 Notification in the dates of Re-Schedule for Under-Graduate (Annual System) examination - 2014
03-02-2014 Notification for schedule for examination - 2014


10-07-2014 Alphabetical Roll No. list for M.Sc. Chemistry entrance Test to be held on 11-07-2014
09-07-2014 Roll No List with student detail (Online & off applied ) for entrance test M.Sc. Physics
19-06-2014 List of Candidates for B.Pharmacy Entrance Test 2014-15
12-05-2014 B.Ed. Centre List 2014
26-02-2014 List of Center (s) UG Compartment Examination March 2014
26-02-2014 List of Center (s) UG Annual Examination April 2014