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Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police
Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police

Department of Computer Science and Applications

Kurukshetra University has taken pioneering position in imparting training and education in the field of Computer Science & Applications. Kurukshetra University was the first to foresee the impact that computers would have on the 21st century. To give an impact to the vision and work on it, the university started imparting education in the field of computer science and application way back in 1981 by starting an UGC sponsored computer course and it was the first of its kind in the whole country. In the year 1981 the Department of Computer Science and Applications was established and Kurukshetra University was the first in the country to start a UGC supported one year MCA programme. This was replaced by a two year MCA programme from the academic year 1984-85 onwards. In December 1990, UGC sanctioned the proposal of Department of Computer Science & Applications to update the two-year MCA programme to three-year MCA programme and the same was launched in the session 1991-92. The department had started two year M.Sc. (Computer software) w.e.f. academic session 1995-96, and M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering was also started w.e.f. academic session 1996-97. The department is providing a wide range of hardware and software facilities for students and faculty members under different platforms and processing environments. The department has now blossomed from a humble start in 1981 to a full-fledged education center providing major courses like Ph.D., M. Tech., M.C.A., M.Sc.(Computer Sc.)S/W.


The following is the list of the chairpersons in the department till date:

Sr. No.

Name of the Chairperson



Dr. P.Avtar ( Founder Chairperson )

29/12/1982 to 10/04/1990


Dr. C.Mohan

11/04/1990 to 02/07/1990


Dr. R.K.Mahindra

03/07/1990 to 05/11/1990


Dr. P.K.Suri

06/11/1990 to 25/03/1992


Dr. R.K.Mahindra

26/03/1992 to 30/07/1992


Dr. J.R.Arora

31/07/1992 to 17/08/1992


Dr. P.K.Suri

18/08/1992 to 17/08/1995


Dr. P.K.Suri

18/08/1995 to 17/08/1998


Dr. P.K.Suri

18/08/1998 to 20/12/1998


Dr. Ashok Kumar

21/12/1998 to 20/12/2001


Dr. P.K.Suri

21/12/2001 to 20/12/2004


Dr. Ashok Kumar

21/12/2004 to 20/12/2007


Dr. R.K.Chauhan


14. Dr. P.K.SURI