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Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police

Dept. of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


(Established by the State Legislature Act XII of 1956)

(“A” Grade, NAAC  Accredited)


Department: Mathematics

The Kurukshetra University was established in 1956 by an act of the state legislature. The Department of Mathematics came into existence in the year 1961. Late Prof. S.D. Chopra was the founder Head of the Department. Since then the Department has made a commendable progress in teaching and research in various branches of Mathematics. It has earned National and International recognition in research in the fields of Algebra, Elasticity, Theoretical Seismology and Analysis.  

In the field of Research, the Department has an active group of researchers consisting of teachers and research scholars in various branches of Mathematics.

The Department has produced about Ph.D. students who got placement at respectable positions in teaching, research and administrative organizations.

The Department has organized number of Seminars/Symposia/Conferences with the help of funding agencies like UGC, DST and others. The Department has also organized summer schools. Number of Research Projects funded by UGC/CSIR/DST/NBHM has been completed successfully in the Department.

Many teachers of the department had been abroad in connection with their research activities like attending International Conferences, Visiting Scientists, Commonwealth Fellowship and other assignments.

The Department has been supported by DST under FIST Scheme. The Department gets special assistance from National Board of Higher Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research being a Centre of recognition at a National level.

Department Profile:


Faculty of the Department:


Name of the Teacher



E.mail/Mobile No.


Prof. V.P. Kaushik

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Mechanics of Solids, Fluid Mechanics, Theoretical Siesmology

Mobile No.: 09467991103


Prof. Ram Karan, 

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Mob. No. 09896195262


Prof. M.D. Sharma

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Theoretical Seismology, Mechanics of Solids, Computational Techniques

Mob.No. 09896214489


Prof. Rajneesh Kumar

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Mechanics of Solids, Fluid Mechanics, Elasticity (Thermoelasticity,

Micropolar Elasticity)

Mob.No. 09416120992


Prof. Anil K. Vashisth

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Mechanics of Solids, Poro- Mechanics, Smart Materials, Theoretical Seismology,

Mob.No. 09354181609


Dr. Vinod K. Bhardwaj

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.d.


Mob.No. 09416137196


Mr. Dalbir Singh


Mob.No. 0968180517


Mrs. Sumitra Devi

M.Sc., M.Phil.

Mob.No. 09896317801


Major Research Areas:

The Department is a known centre of research in Applied Mathematics (Mechanics of Solids and Theoretical Seismology).

The major Thrust Areas in these fields are Elasticity, Poro-Mechanics, Thermoelasticity, Micropolar Elasticity, Viscoelasticity, Modelling of Earth’s structure, Numerical Solutions of Non-Linear Differential Equations, Wave propagation in smart materials.

Other Research Areas:

Algebra and Functional Analysis are the Thrust Areas in the Field of Algebra are Group Rings and Group Theory and the Thrust Areas in the Field of Functional Analysis are Sequence Spaces and Statistical convergence.

Courses Offered:

(i)  M.Sc. Mathematics

(ii) M.Phil. Mathematics

(iii) Ph.D. Mathematics

Course Name :                       M.Sc. Mathematics

Course Duration :                 4 Semester

Seats :                                     150

Mode of Admission :             50% weightage of Entrance Test and 50% weightage of Academic Merit                                   

Eligibility :                              B.A./B.Sc. with Mathematics as one of the subjects or

                                                B.A.(Hons.)/B.Sc.(Hons.) in Mathematics with at least 55% marks.

 Scheme of Examination :


M.Sc. (Previous) Mathematics

Semester – I


MM-401          :           Advanced Abstract Algebra – I

MM-402          :           Real Analysis – I

MM-403          :           Topology 

MM-404          :           Complex Analysis – I

MM-405          :           Differential Equations – I

Semester – II  

MM-406          :           Advanced Abstract Algebra – II

MM-407          :           Real Analysis – II

MM-408          :           Computer Programming (Theory)

MM-409          :           Complex Analysis – II

MM-410          :           Differential Equations – II

M.Sc. (Final) Mathematics

Semester – III

Compulsory Papers

MM-501          :           Functional Analysis

MM-502          :           Analytical Mechanics and Calculus of Variations

Optional Papers: A student can opt one optional paper from MM-503 opt (i) to opt (iv). Similarly one paper will be opted each from MM-504 opt (i) to opt (iv) and MM-505 opt (i) to (iv)


Opt. (i)


Opt. (ii)

Difference Equations-I


Opt. (iii)

Analytic Number Theory


Opt. (iv)

Number Theory



Opt. (i)

Fluid Mechanics – I

Opt. (ii)

Mathematical Statistics


Opt. (iii)

Algebraic Coding Theory


 Opt. (iv)

Commutative Algebra



Opt. (i)

Integral Equations

Opt. (ii)

Mathematical Modelling


Opt. (iii)

Linear Programming


Opt. (iv)

Fuzzy Sets & Applications –I



MM-506          :           Fortran – 90 Practical                                       

Semester – IV

Compulsory Papers

MM-507          :           General Measure and Integration Theory

MM-508          :           Partial Differential Equations

Optional Papers: A candidate can opt one optional paper from MM-509 opt (i) to opt (iv). Similarly one paper will be opted each from MM-510 opt (i) to opt (iv) and MM-511 opt (i) to opt. (iv)                       


Opt. (i)

Mechanics of Solid

Opt. (ii)

Difference Equations-II


Opt. (iii)

Algebraic Number Theory


Opt. (iv)

Mathematics for Finance & Insurance



Opt. (i)

Fluid Mechanics-II

Opt. (ii)

Boundary Value Problems


Opt. (iii)




Opt. (iv)

Advanced Discrete Mathematics



Opt. (i)

Mathematical Aspects of Seismology

Opt. (ii)

Dynamical Systems


Opt. (iii)

Operational Research


Opt. (iv)

Fuzzy  Sets & Applications-II



MM-512          :    Fortran 90 codes for Numerical Methods 

Course Name :                       M.Phil (Mathematics) 

Course Duration :                 One year

Seats :                                     12

Mode of admission :              Entrance Test

Eligibility :                  Master’s Degree in the Mathematics from KU or an examinationrecognized as equivalent thereto with at least 55% marks. The condition of marks in the Master’s Degree shall be relaxable upto 50% in the case of University appointed or approved teachers with at least three years service.           

Scheme of Examination :

Compulsory Paper : 

1.  MPH-601 Research Methodology 

Optional Papers: A student will opt two papers either from Stream– A or from Stream– B.

Stream-A                                                                    Stream-B

(ii) MPH-602(A)                                                         (ii) MPH-602(B)

      Continuum Mechanics and                                  Advanced Functional Analysis


(iii) MPH-603(A)                                                        (iii) MPH-603(B)

      Advanced Mathematical Methods                     Theory of Groups and

                                                                                        Homological Algebra                      


Course Name :                       Ph.D. Mathematics

Course Duration :                 4 year extendable to 6 years

Seats :                                     Decided on yearly basis.

Mode of admission :              Entrance Test/JRF(NET)/NET

Eligibility :      (i)At least 55% marks at the Master degree level (SC/ST/physically and visually handicapped candidates will be given a relaxation of 5% in the minimum percentage of marks).

(ii) At least 50% marks at the Master Degree level and at least three years ‘full time’ teaching experience in the subject in a recognized College/University Teaching Departments.

Scheme of Examination :

Paper – I (Research Methodology)

Paper –II (Term Paper) which is selected either from Stream A and Stream B

Stream-A                                                                    Stream-B

1. Theoretical Seismology                                           1. Advanced Functional Analysis

2. Elasticity                                                                      2. Sequence spaces

3. Poro Mechanics                                                        3. Modern Methods in sumability Theory

4. Thermoelasticity                                                        4. Lie Algebra

5. Advanced Solid Mechanics                                    5. Group Theory

 6. Differential Equations                                            6. Group Rings

7. Wave Propagation &                                               7. Commutative Algebra

Oscillations Theory

8. Non-linear waves                                                    8. Algebraic Topology

9. Non-linear Mechanics                                            9. Algebraic Coding Theory

                                                                                        10.Representation Theory

10. Piezoelectricity                                                       11. Non-Commutative Rings

                                                                                        12. Operation Theory


11. Thermo-Piezoelasticity                                        13. Benach Algebra
12. Magneto-Piezoelasticity                                     14. Categorical Topology
13. Viscoelasticity                                                      15. Solvable Spaces
14. Mathematical Modelling                                      16. Wave lets Analysis
15. Numerical Analysis                                             17. Fixed Point Theory
16. Micropolar Elasticity                                             18. Fuzzy Sets
17. Fuzzy Differential Equation                                 19. Fuzzy Logic
18. Fuzzy Difference Equation                                 20. Fuzzy Algebra
19. Financial Mathematics                                        21. Fuzzy Topology
                                                                                        22. Statistical Convergence 

Other Facilities:

Departmental Library:

The Department has a spacious well-stocked Library having more than 25,000 books and 1500 journals

At present, 4 journals are being subscribed for the Departmental Library

The Department has been recognized for its contribution in teaching and research by the National Board of Higher Mathematics and thus gets an annual grant for the purchase of books and journals from NBHM

Labs :

The Department of Mathematics has two computing Labs with 75 (Seventy five) computers.

In addition department has one research lab. having two server HCL 3063A1076646 (IIS) PN SN: 46M6485 with 10 computers. The department has MATLAB, MATHCAD, LATEX, FORTRAN 90 Softwares in Research Lab. and in the Computing Labs.

Research Facilties :

The Department has sufficient facilities to pursue research in the following areas

Applied Mathematics :

(i)               Mechanics of Solid

(ii)              Elasticity

(iii)             Poro-Mechanics

(iv)             Differential Equations

(v)              Theoretical Seismology

(vi)            Smart Materials

(vii)           Fluid Mechanics

(viii)          Thermoelasticity

(ix)            Micropolar Elasticity

(x)             Viscoelasticity

Pure Mathematics :

(i)                Algebra

(ii)               Functional Analysis

Information on Achievements :

The Department of Mathematics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra is a distinct centre of learning in Applied Mathematics. It has earned a good reputation at the National Level for its contribution to teaching and research in both Pure & Applied Mathematics

Placement Cell :

Placement of the students after passing out from the Department has been most satisfactory. Many good students have got lectureship in teaching institutes. Some of the students have also been absorbed as scientists in research organizations.