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Minutes of inter-action regarding eAwareness of Law Students held on 10.01.2018 at Chandigarh Judicial Academy.
Minutes of inter-action regarding eAwareness of Law Students..
Republic Day celebration function 26th Jan 2018
Republic Day celebration function ..
Constitution of Research Scholarship S e l e c t i o n committee for award of University Research Scholarship
Celebration of every 25th January, as National Voters Day
Celebration of every 25th January, as National..
Dietetics Day Celebration (10 January 2018 to 11 January 2018)
Dietetics Day Celebration
Election of members on the Court and Executive Council of Kurukshetra University by the Teachers (other than Professors) of the University Teaching..
Announcement - Goyal Prizes and Rajib Goyal Prizes I
Announcement - Goyal Prizes and Rajib Goyal Prizes II
Two day workshop on \"opportunities and Challenges for Women in STEM\" on 24/25 Jan 18
Meeting Regarding Institute Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)
Minutes of the committee to examine memo received from DHE
Alumni Report
Alumni Report
Notification for reschedule of PH.D. Entrance Tests
Regarding Second International Seminar on \" Exploring self in digital age
Regarding Second..
Notice- Admission Schedule of Diploma & Adv. Dip. in German
Notice- Admission..
Notice Regarding Admission M.Ed (Only for Backward Class Category Students only)
2nd International Gita Seminar
Postponed Counselling M.Phil. Education
Postponed Counselling M.Phil...
Revised Schedule Entrance Test for M.Phil Hindi
Extension of last date for submission of online application forms for admission to m.ed. 2 year course
Ph.D. Admissions through Entrance Test for the Academic Session 2017-18
Inviting Research Paper KLJ
Inviting Research Paper KLJ
Admission Notice - M.Phil 2017
Regarding 9th Swarna Jyanti
Notification regarding of approval of panel of the Counsellor for students
Notification regarding of approval of panel..
Regarding Coaching cum counselling UGC-NET Paper I
Revised ADMISSION list/fee date of Diploma/Certificate course
Notification regarding Swarna Jayanti Lecture on 23.08.2017
Regarding counseling for vacant seat of LL.M
Admission Notice and Vacant Seats MA/MSc. 2017..
Counselling for Vacant Seats . LL.B 3 Year
Notice Regarding Date of Entrance Test - M.Ed 2017
Admission Notice - M.Ed 2017
Notification regarding Swarna Jayanti Lecture Series
Regarding Saraswati River center
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Depositing Of Counseling Fee For Admissions To Various Courses In Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra
Admission Schedule for M.Ed Special Education 2017
Admission Schedule..
NSS (UTD) Registration Form
Depositing Of Counseling Fee For Final Counseling On The Basis Of Physical Presence For Centralized Admissions
Additional Mercy Chance - Improvement/Re-appear/Compartment UG/PG courses
Extension of Last Dates for admission to M.A (Vocal & Instrumental) and Master of Performing Arts (MPA) (Hons.) 5-Yr. Courses
Instructions/Guidelines for Admission to various Courses for the Session 2017-18.
Notification regarding online courses to institutions in Accordance with AICTE SWAYAM Regulation
Admission Notice for Centralized Online Admissions for the Session 2017-18
Invitation to apply for an ACU Titular Fellowship
Invitation to apply..
Regarding Supply/distribution of the stoles
Notification regarding Sixth Swarna Jayanti Lecture
Notification regarding..
Notification regarding conduct of capsule course for coaching - Judicial Civil Services Examinations
Notification regarding Centralized Online Admissions
Notification regarding..
BRICS and India: Recent Developments, Challenges and Opportunities
Elected members on the Court of Kurukshetra University by the Principals/Teachers of colleges recognized by the University under Statute 8(b)(iv)(a..
Elected members on the Court of Kurukshetra University by the..
ICSSR Sponsored Two Weeks Capacity Building Programme for Social Science Faculty Members
Executive Council Resolution - 22 (i)
Executive Council Resolution  - 22 (i)
Regarding deposit of examination fee of all students in one go step
Regarding deposit of..
Regarding Digital Payment
Regarding Digital..
Regarding online payment mode for all type of fee/charges
Regarding online..
Regarding SC/BC Candidates Scholarship
Regarding SC/BC..
Notification regarding Empanel Chartered Accountants
Declamation contest on 20-01-2017 in G.N. Nanda Centre.
Result of Pre- Ph.D. course work 2015-16
Submission of Ph.D. Thesis after 6 years by the Ph.D. Students
Submission of..
Revised Schedule of Academic Audit committee
Revised Schedule of Academic Audit committee
schedule of visit of academic audit
schedule of visit of academic audit Page-1 ..
Uploading of correct Aadhaar Numbers Beneficiaries Account
Uploading of correct Aadhaar Numbers Beneficiaries Account
Notification regarding wearing of Identity Card - Teaching, Non Teaching Staff and Students
Notification regarding wearing of Identity Card - Teaching, Non Teaching Staff..
Notification regarding Grant of reservation to Economically Backward Persons belonging to General Category
ReviSion of wages to outsource workmen w.e.f. 1.10.2016
Notification regarding grant of additional Mercy Chance
Notice Regarding Spoken Tutorial Software Course
KU Planning and Monitoring Tracker - Recommended Spoken Tutorial Courses
Regarding Spoken Tutorial Course
Regarding Adhar Based Account number
Urgent Notice - Regarding Admit Card B.A. LLB. 5 Year Course
Admission notices for M.Ed. 2 Yr. Course 2016-17
Admission notices for MCA 2 Yr. (LEET) Course 2016-17
Instruction guidelines for admission to various Courses for session 2016-17
Admission Notice - Direct Admission - B.Tech Biotechnology for the session 2016-17
Regarding S t r i c t Compliance of the provisions contained in the Flag C o d e of India 2002 and the Prevetion of I n s u l t s to National Honour..
Regarding S t r i c t Compliance of the provisions contained in the..
Biological Diversity Act (BD Act) 2002
Election of members on the Court of Kurukshetra University by the Principals/Teachers of colleges recognized by the University under Statute..
Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police
Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police

Dept. of Biotechnology
Dr. Ritu Mahajan
Contact Information
Email : ritupanipat[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Phone : NA
Qualification :M.Sc.,Ph.D
Specialization :Enzyme Technology/ Industrial Biotechnology/ Microbial Biotechnology
Others Information :

Teaching activity: 

Involved in the teaching of various courses in Biotechnology such as-:

 Enzyme technology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology, Plant cell and tissue culture, Animal Biotechnology, Immunology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Cell Biology

Experience and related works

Total teaching experience

· Under-graduate  :  Six Years & Seven Months  

· Post Graduate     :   Nine Years & Three Months

Total Research Experience :  22 Years

  • Worked at reputed CSIR institute (Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh) on Pharmaceutical important drug Streptokinase.
  • Also worked at leading International Pharmaceutical Industrial R & D Group (Max-Gb Limited, Max of India and Gist Brocades of Holland).
  •  Bookspublished for Pharmacy Students, students of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology and other branches of Applied Sciences, for M.B.B.S, M.D. and Dental Students.
  • Established Biotechnology Department at KVA DAV college for women, Karnal
  • Established Biochemistry and Microbiology Labs at Doon Valley Institute, Karnal

Publications :  48

Ph.D. Guidance :  Five (Completed), Two (Ongoing)

Membership of Professional Societies :

Life member of the following scientific bodies

  • Society of Biological Chemists, India,
  • Society for Biotechnologists, India,
  • Association of Microbiologists of India
  • Indian Science Congress Association, Haridwar Chapter


Research Projects :  

UGC Major Research Project – “Isolation, Characterization and Industrial application of xylanase and pectinase from the same bacterial isolate” (Completed)

DST, Haryana sponsored Research Project entitled Production and Commercial viability of xylano-pectinolytic enzymes in Deinking of newspaper, Delignification of various pulps and Bioprocessing of fabrics (Ongoing)


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