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B. Ed.


Modification Scheme of Examination of B.Ed. Shiksha Shastri (two years) w.e.f. the session 2016-17

03-11-2017 Scheme of Examination & Syllabus of B.Ed. (Special Education-H.1) 2-years (I to IV Semesters)  
19-09-2016 Scheme and Syllabus of B.ED. Distance Education w.e.f. 2016-17  
29-01-2016  B.Ed Shiksha Shastri 2 years  
13-01-2016 Evaluation Scheme - B.Ed (Two Year)  
13-01-2016 Index with Correction - B.Ed (Two Year)  
13-01-2016 Scheme of Examination - B.Ed (Two Year) 2015-16  
13-01-2016 B.Ed.  (Two Year) Syllabus 2015-16  
30-11-2015  Insertion of Music in B.Ed. 2-year w.e.f. 2015-16  
11-09-2015 B.P.Ed. I and II semesters w.e.f. 2015-16  
10-09-2015 B.Ed. Spl. Education(V.I.) I to IV semesters w.e.f. the session 2015-16 in phased manner  
21-08-2015 Updated Syllabus - B.Ed. 2 Year - 2015-16  
10-09-2013 Revised Syllabus of B.Ed. (Spl.Edu) w.e.f the session 2013-14  
28-06-2011  Amended/Rectified scheme and syllabi of B.Ed one year regular course W.e.f. the session 2010-11  


 Commerce and Management

30-11-2018 The Syllabus of Examination I to VI semesters and Syllabus of I & II semesters B. Voc. Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) w.e.f. the session 2018-19  
30-11-2018 The Scheme of Examination I to VI semesters and Syllabus of I & II semesters B. Voc. Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) w.e.f. the session 2018-19  
26-11-2018 Scheme of Exams. & Syllabus of B.Com (Honours) w.e.f. the session 2018-19 in phased manner  
26-11-2018 Scheme of Exam & Syllabus of B.Com (Vocational) w.e.f. the session 2018-19 in phased manner  
28-11-2017 Scheme of Examination and Syllabus of paper 'General English' as an alternate subject of BBA: 105-A in place of hindi for the foreign students & the Students of non hindi speaking States of India w.e.f. 2017-18  
22-08-2017 Scheme of Exam & Syllabus of B. Com (Hons & Vocational) w.e.f. 2017-18 & 2018-19  
22-08-2017 Scheme of Exam & Syllabus of B. Com (General) w.e.f. 2017-18 & 2018-19  
Scheme of Examination and Syllabus of B.Com (Vocational) 
10-03-2017 B.Voc. Fashion Technology (I to IV Semester) w.e.f. 2016-17 onwards.  
17-06-2016 Scheme & Syllabus of BBA  
29-06-2015 Revised Syllabus - B.Com Vocational 2015-16  
11-05-2015 Inclusion of Paper of environmental Studies in the Scheme of Examination of BTM-II semester w.e.f. 2014-15  
04-05-2015 B.Vocational Hospitality Management Semester I to VI w.e.f. 2014-15  
05-08-2014 Bachelor of Tourism & Management (1st to 6th semesters) w.e.f. 2014-15  
15-11-2013 B.Com (Gen.) & B.Com(Hons.) 1st to 6th Semester w.e.f the session 2013-14  
15-11-2013 Bachelor of Commerce Vocational w.e.f the session 2013-14  
18-09-2013 B.Com III year (through Distance Education w.e.f the session 2014-15)  
04-09-2013 BIM - IInd and IIIrd Year - Distance Education Mode w.e.f. 2013-14  
19-06-2013 B.Com (General)  (with Rectification of marks on syllabus of B.Com 3rd and 4th semester of BC-306(i) and BC-406(i))  
16-04-2013 BBA - I to VI Semester (w.e.f. 2012-13) in phased manner  
15-11-2012 BBA(English) in addition to Hindi 1st semester (for Foreign Students) updated (80+20)  
19-09-2012 B.Com (Revised Scheme Paper BC - 106) Session 2011-12  
28-08-2012 B.Com. (Specialty Programme) -  V & VI Semester -  w.e.f. 2011-12  
16-04-2012 B.Com (General & Vocational) - I To VI Semester  (80+20) - 2011-12  
   Scheme of BBA  B.Com. (Voc.) Office Mgt. & Sec. Practice 30 Aug. 2010
  MBA 5 Year Syllabus 30 Aug. 2010  BBA Scheme I & II Sem.
   BBA Syllabus I & II Sem.  BBA Scheme/Syllabus III & IV Sem.
  BBA Syllabus (All Semesters) B.Com. (Vocational Course) 20 Aug 2010
  B.Com. (General)Syllabus - Uploaded  Diploma in Public Management
  BTM ordinance BTM Scheme
  BTM Syllabus BTM English Syllabus
  BTM Hindi Syllabus 2nd Sem. BTM Hindi Syllabus 1st Sem.
  BTM English III & IV Semesters BHM and CT 1st and 2nd semester
  BHM and CT 3rd and 4th semester  


  Bachelor of  Law

05-07-2018 Amended Syllabus of Labour and Industrial Law (Paper-605) in Unit-IV of 6th semester B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 5-year Integrated Course w.e.f. 2018-19  

Scheme of Exams and Syllabi of BBA.LL.B (Hons.) 5-Year Integrated Course, V and VI Semesters w.e.f. the session 2018-19

22-06-2017 Scheme of Examination and Syllabi of BBA.LL.B (Hons.) 5-year Integrated Course, III and IV Semesters from the Session 2017-18  
06-09-2016 Scheme & syllabus of B.A.LL.B(Hons.) 5 year integrated Course w.e.f.2016-17 in phased manner  
17-08-2016 LLB Paper 603(iii): Animal Protection Laws of 6th Semester w.e.f. 2016-17 in phased manner.  
05-04-2016 Syllabus of Paper-406, Environmental Studies of 4th Sem of B.A.L.L.B (Hons.)  
11-06-2015 Amended scheme and syllabi of B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) 5 year integrated course from I to X semester  
05-11-2014 Revised Syllabi -  LLB - 3rd, 4th and 6th Semester Revised Syllabi - LLM
24-07-2014 LL.M./ LL.B. Revised syllabi for the session 2014-15  
08-07-2011 Syllabus- III Semester-  B. A. LL. B. (Hons) 5-Year Integrated Course (2011-12) Syllabus- IV Semester-  B. A. LL. B. (Hons) 5-Year Integrated Course (2011-12)
08-07-2011  Syllabus- I Semester-  B. A. LL. B. (Hons) 5-Year Integrated Course (2011-12)  Syllabus- II Semester-  B. A. LL. B. (Hons) 5-Year Integrated Course (2011-12)
06-7-2011 Syllabus III & IV Semester- LL.B. 3-Year - six semesters (Professional) Course Syllabus V & VI Semster - LL.B. 3-Year - six semesters (Professional) Course
06-7-2011 Scheme LL.B. 3-Year - six semesters (Professional) Course. Syllabus I & II Semester - LL.B. 3-Year - six semesters (Professional) Course
  LL.B.(3-Yrs.) Ordinance LL.B.(3-Yrs.) Scheme
  LL.B.(3-Yrs.) I & II Sem Syllabus LL.B.(3-Yrs.) III & IV Sem Syllabus
  LL.B.(3-Yrs.) V & VI Sem Syllabus  



28-11-2018 Revised Scheme of Exams. and Syllabus of the Computer Awareness (Level-1) w.e.f. the Session 2018-19  
28-09-2017  Scheme & Syllabus of B. Voc. (Networking & Mobile Applications) . III & IV Semesters w.e.f. 2017-18.  
11-08-2017 Examination Scheme & Syllabi of B.Voc. (Medical Laboratory Technology) 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Semesters w.e.f. 2017-18 in phased manner and minor modification in the Syllabi of 1st & 2nd Semesters w.e.f. the session 2016-17  
09-05-2017 Scheme & Syllabi of one year pg diploma in translation (Hindi, English, Panjabi)  
07-03-2017 Certificate Course in Sports Dietician (3-Months) 
21-12-2016 Syllabus  B.Voc Theatre and Television  
10-10-2016 Syllabus of C.C in Urdu with Internal Assessment, 2016-17 Syllabus of C.C. in Urdu with Internal Assessment, 2016-17
10-10-2016 BA URDU Elective 2016-17 BA URDU Elective 2016-17
10-10-2016 BA Compulsory Urdu (Semester Wise) 2016-17 BA Compulsory Urdu _Semester Wise_ 2016-17
10-10-2016 B.A. Economics  W.E F. 2016-17 B.A. Economics  W.E F
10-10-2016 B.A. (GENERAL) HISTORY (SEMESTER SYSTEM) w.e.f. 2016-17 B.A. (General) History (Semester-System) 2016-2017
05-10-2016 Syllabus of Diploma in Reasoning w.e.f.2016-17  
05-10-2016 Scheme of Diploma in Reasoning w.e.f.2016-17  
27-07-2016 Scheme & Syllabus (3rd  to 4th  Sem) of B.P.Ed.(2-Years Course) w.e.f. session 2016-2017  
27-07-2016 Scheme & Syllabus of Certificate Course in YOGA  
18-07-2016 Scheme & Syllabus of NSS w.e.f 2016-17  
10-05-2016 Certificate course in Urdu  
10-05-2016 Diploma in Urdu  
19-01-2016 Certified Course in Yoga w.e.f 2015  
29-04-2015  Diploma in translation 2014-15  
25-02-2015 Certificate Course in Effective Communication Skills 2014-15  
12-01-2015 B. Voc. in Food Science and Quality Control (semesters I & II) w.e.f. 2014-15.  
19-11-2014 Scheme & Syllabi for Dip. Course in Urdu w.e.f. 2014-15  Syllabus for Diploma in Reasoning for the session 2015-16
27-09-2013 Certificate Course in Panjabi w.e.f. 2013-14  
10-09-2013 CERTIFICATE COURSE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (C. P. Ed.) (Ist year & IInd Year) Syllabus 2013-14  
01-08-2013 DIPLOMA IN SKIN & HAIR THERAPY W.E.F. 2013-14
31-07-2013 scheme  & syllabi of certificate course in bhagvadgita  w.e.f. 2014-15 DIPLOMA IN REASONING W.E.F. 2014-15
29-07-2013 CCA (distance education mode) w.e.f. 2013-14 CC in Communication skills
13-02-2013  Ratan   
19-11-2012 Gaini
08-11-2012 Prabhakar    
24-09-2012 C.C. in Effective Communication Skills 2012-13
30-07-2012 Certificate Course  in Urdu (80+I.A.20) - 2012-13  
13-07-2012  Diploma , Advance,  CC  in French  
24-11-2011 Syllabus of French with Internal Assessment Syllabus of German with Internal Assessment
21-10-2011 Diploma Course on Bhagavadgita  
27-09-2011 Certificate of Proficiency in German  
27-09-2011 Certificate Course in Communication skills Certificate of Proficiency in French
26-09-2011 Bachelor Of Fashion And Apparel Design (BFAD) V to VIII Semester (10% I.A.)
  BFAD Semester I- IV 2010-11 Computer Education Compulsory Paper Level-I
  Diploma in Reasoning 17 aug 2010 Computer Education course compulsory for UG Classes