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Notification regarding Amendments to various clauses of the Ordinances regarding minimum marks for SC/ST/Differently abled candidates w.e.f. the..
Notice Regarding Text Book Publish - English Department
Notification Regarding AC Meeting
Notification - Animal Welfare and Wildlife Week from 7-8 April, 2015
S t r i c t compliance of the provisions contained in the Flag C o d e of India, 2002 and Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971
S t r i c t  compliance of the provisions..
ROSTRUM-III (Final Round-2014)
ROSTRUM-III (Final Round-2014)
Minute to Minute Programme on \"National Seminar on Strategies for Business Excellence in Global Era\"
Election of members on the Court of Kurukshetra University by the Principals/Teachers of colleges recognized by the University under Statute..
List of Principals/Teachers elected un-opposed as member of the Academic Council
Special Lecture on \" Bharat Ratna Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda : A Political Leader With A Difference\"
Invitation of Research Paper for KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY RESEARCH JOURNAL (Arts & Humanities) i.e. KURJ (Arts & Humanities)
National Seminar on Strategies for Business Excellence in Global Era
Flower Fest 2015
Conference on Crop Technology Led Agriculture Development and Sustainability of Eco-System in India
Golden Mercy Chance for Session 2013-14 & 2014-15
Golden Mercy Chance for..
Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police
Mahila Helpline - courtesy Haryana Police

Post Graduate

    Master of Commerce/Business Management

23-02-2015 Minor changes in the nomenclature of the Papers of M.Com IV Semesters  
28-11-2014 M.COM. REGULAR _SEMESTER SYSTEM_ W.E.F. 2014-15  
14-11-2014 Ordinance, Scheme and Syllabus of Master of Business Administration (MBA) w.e.f. 2012-13 Session  
24-09-2013 MBA- I & II Year (Through Distance Education ) w.e.f the session 2013-14  
27/08/2013 MBA (Hospitality Managment) through Distance Education (w.e.f the session 2013-14)  
19-06-2013 Scheme of Examination and syllabi of M.Com IT 1st semester to 4th semester w.e.f. 2012-13  
01-04-2013 M.Com IT(1st -  4th semester) (w.e.f. 2012-13) in phased manner  
11-02-2013 Master of Travel & Tourism Management (MTTM) - I to IV Semester  
11-02-2013 Master of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (MHM&CT) I to IV Semester  w.e.f 2012 Master of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (MHM&CT) w.e.f 2012
06-08-2012 M.Com - I to IV Semester  
05-03-2012 MBA General Ist to IVth Semester -  2011-12  
27-09-2011  M.Sc.- Mathematics -  I to IV Semester  
09-06-2011 M.Sc.- Microbiology - I to IV semester M.Sc.- Biotechnology (5 years Integrated Course) - V & VI semester
26-08-2011 M.Sc. Electronics Media  M.Sc. Mass Communication
  MBA 5 Year IPOP -  Old Scheme- (prior to 2010-11 session). MBA 5 Year Integrated Practice Oriented Programe 2011-2012
  MBA (SM) III and IV Semester MBA (Hons.) III And IV Semester
  M.B.A. Service Mgt. Sch. & Syllabus Sem.I 6-Sep-2010 M.B.A. (Hons.) Sch.  & Syllabus Sem. I 6 Sep. 2010
  M.B.A. Service Mgt. Sch. & Syllabus Sem. II 6 Sep. 2010 M.B.A. (Hons.) Sch. & Syllabus Sem. II 6 Sep. 2010


Master of  Computer Applications 

16-05-2015 MCA Distance Mode-3rd Year  
16-05-2015 MASTER OF COMPUTER SCIENCE SOFTWARE w.e.f 2015-16  
16-05-2015 MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS  M.C.A.  w.e.f  2014-15  
14-08-2014  MCA - 2014-15  
13-03-2013 PGDCA / M.Sc. Computer Science (Software) 1st Year / MCA 1st Year - Distance Education Mode W.E.F. 2013-2014  
  MCA - III (for Correspondence Students) MCA Uploaded Regular (I to V Sem) 2009
  PGDCA/M.Sc./MCA-I Yr. & M.Sc./MCA-II Yr. (DCC)   


16-05-2015 M.TECH. COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING w.e.f  2014-15  
23-02-2015 Syllaibi M.Tech.Applied Geo -  I to II Semester  
23-02-2015 Scheme M.Tech.Applied Geo - I to II Semester  
23-02-2015 Scheme & Syllaibi M.Tech.Applied Geo - III to X Semester  
09-02-2015 New Scheme & Syllabus  M.Tech.  Indus. Production (I to IV Sem.)  
09-02-2015 New Scheme & Syllabus M.Tech. Thermal                 (I to IV Sem.)  
05-12-2014 Syllabus - M.Tech Civil Highway Engg. (I to IV Sem.)  Scheme -  M.Tech Civil Highway Engg. (I to IV Sem.)
20-11-2014 M.Tech. Civil (Transportation Engg. ) (I to IV semesters ) w.e.f. 2014-15  
18-11-2014 3rd & 4th (Manuf. Tech.) semesters w.e.f. 2014-15  
14-08-2014 M.Tech -  CSE 2014-15  
25-07-2014 M.Tech. (Microelectronics & VLSI Design) I to IV semesters w.e.f. 2014-15 in phased manner M.Tech.Nano Science & Technology (I to IV semesters) w.e.f. 2014-15 in phased manner
24-07-2014 M.Tech (Energy & Environment Management) (I to IV semesters ) w.e.f the session 2014-2015  
03-01-2014 Scheme _Electrical Engineering_ Non Credit Based 3rd and 4th sems. w.e.f the session 2013-14  
03-01-2014 Scheme I to IV sems. & Syllabus for M.Tech. I & II sems. (Manufacturing Technology) w.e.f 2013-14 Syllabus of M.Tech.(Eectrical Power System) I To IV Sems. w.e.f the session 2013-14
19-12-2013 Scheme & Syllabus of M.Tech. (Computer Engg.) I to IV Sem  
02-08-2013 Revised syllabus - M.Tech. Energy and Environmental Management   
29-07-2013 M.Tech Applied Geophysics I to VI semesters w.e.f the session 2013-14  
26-07-2013 M.Tech. (Information Technology) I To IV Sems.  
26-06-2013 M.Tech (EE) SCHEME
14-06-2013 M.Tech. (Material Sc.) III & IV Semester  
05-11-2012 M.Tech Civil - Construction Technology & Management  
05-11-2012 M.Tech Civil - Geo Technical Engineering  M.Tech Civil - Structural Engineering
12-09-2012 M. Tech (Meterial Science)  
29-08-2012 M.Sc. Forensic Science I to IV Semesters M.Tech (Applied Geology) 5-Year Integrated Course I to VI Semesters
19-07-2012 Electrical Engg. III rd semester  M.Tech. Electrical engg. IVth semester
  M.Tech. CSE session 2009-10 Syllabus M.Tech. Uploaded CSE (I to III Sem.)
  M.Tech Applied Geophysics  



17-07-2014 Revised syllabus of M.Phil. (History) w.e.f. 2014-15  
27-09-2013 M.Phil Sociology 2013-14  
10-09-2013 Revised Syllabus of M.Phil (Edu.) w.e.f the session 2013-14  
02-08-2013 M.PHIL.(PHILOSOPHY) W.E.F. SESSION 2014-15  
28-05-2012 M.Phil -  Lib. & Inf. Sc.   -  2012-13  
28-03-2011 M.Phil (Mathematics) Annual System  
  M.Phil. Sanskrit Syllabus M.Phil  Commerce
   M.Phil Public Administration  









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